Shel (sensational) wrote in 100daysfitness,

Day 1!

Right back to the beginning! Aie! It would be disheartening if I wasn't so excited about the change.

I walked today with sugar_stack and kristinkay and we beat the storms that are probably going to start any minute now and it was really good. One nice thing about walking is definitely going to be the social element, and when it's not the socializing it'll be the quality time spent with my Shuffle.

I think that it was a nicely auspicious start to this set of 100 days, what with the pretty day and the breeze and the missing the rain.


I've kept the same sheet for marking off days up on my door. I drew a line below the weights days and have switched Sharpie color to a pretty blue (as opposed to black).


I'm so excited about this that it's dorky, but isn't that great?
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