Shel (sensational) wrote in 100daysfitness,

Day 10

I just got home from walk #10!

I have nothing brilliant to say about all of the walking except that I'm enjoying it quite a bit, sometimes it's hard to get started but I've managed every day for ten days, and I'm grateful that a couple of my friends walk with me on most days. I talk about enjoying solitude, but having someone walking with me speeds a walk up by a factor of about two billion, or at the very least makes me unaware of things like inclines and how much further I have to go.

Today I walked through neighborhoods rather than on campus, as I don't have a working car for the weekend and pretty much trust my pedometer to be mostly accurate at this point.

I've managed to lift weights once since I stopped the 100 days. I plan on improving that, but I'm not going to guilt trip myself about it just yet.

How are y'all doing?
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