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I joined a bit ago, but was lurking until I hit a reference point (May 1).

Yesterday, I began my 100 days ritual; my "plan" is two-fold.

1. Eat breakfast, daily, for 100 days.
2. 30 minutes of devoted exercise (by this I mean something, daily, that is done purely to meet this goal. Yesterday, I rode my bike to a local high school with a friend. Today, I will go to the gym and complete 30 minutes on the elliptical racer.)

If the breakfast one sounds hoaky, it is, but it is also a shortcoming I have that, leads to my incredible overeating while making dinner. I do not like food in the a.m., but I am making a dedicated effort to eat healthily, because it helps enable me to make healthy choices throughout the day. Plain and simple, I suck at eating breakfast, and then go hog wild later. I afford myself a higher protein and fat breakfast, then I eat well the rest of the day because I've "hit my mark" early.

Yesterday, 3 medium eggs with 1 tbs. neuchatel cheese in them.
Today, a slice of bread with peanut butter and an instant coffee drink.

--- Which brings me to my next point; I need help finding breakfast foods! I'm an ovo-lacto-pesca-vegetarian (basically, no pork or beef, for digestive reasons) and I must watch carbohydrate/sugar consumption because of insulin resistance related to PCOS. What do YOU all like for breakfast?
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